Coaching helps clients identify their goals and make active choices to support and achieve them.

Executive/Performance Coaching: The intense pressure of a high-powered work environment leaves little time for anything other than doing the technical side of the job. Highly driven and talented people, however, challenge themselves beyond the tactical to the strategic to achieve success. Whether you want to work onleadership, management, business development, , team building or effective communication skills, coaching provides both focus and tools helpful to attaining your goals.

Career Coaching: Tied closely with executive coaching, career coaching provides support in choosing, owning, managing, navigating, leveraging and investing in your career. Thinking strategically about your career at every juncture is the key to maintaining a livelihood that is aligned with your goals.

Life Coaching: Life coaching looks at: who you are and who you want to be; what you want to accomplish; and how you are going to accomplish it. Areas of focus can include relationship enhancement, stress management, health and wellness and organizational skills.

Group Coaching: Working in teams can be equally rewarding and challenging. Group coaching brings individuals together to coach around specific topics, issues or goals to increase the performance of both the group and the individual by clarifying roles and responsibilities as well as establishing effective guidelines for communication and work flow.

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